“It is not what you have experienced that makes you great, but what you have faced, what you have transcended, what you have unlearned.”

Ben Okri 1997:61


Our Approach to Developing Executive Leadership

Your success depends on your ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply that learning in new situations. We focus on taking your leadership to the next level by identifying the changing conditions surrounding your work and developing the capabilities needed to navigate through leadership and business challenges.

Leaders who are agile learners are naturally self-reflective, actively seeking feedback and objectively evaluating their experiences. They can can easily make the most out of unanticipated opportunities.

Our Method of Developing Executive Leadership Consists of Three Modules


Through personalized assessment we differentiate leaders who are agile learners from those who succeed because of their experience and previous knowledge. Both are important for your organization’s future growth and require different approaches.


By identifying strengths and areas of development we engage leaders in crafting detailed plans to complement and support their business goals and objectives alongside their personal and professional growth objectives.


Once we determine which attitudes, behaviours, skills and factors of agility need to be strengthened we build a coaching program to help achieve specific growth objectives aligned with business strategies.

Based on research insights and coaching experience, our novel structure of leadership development is aimed at crafting a vision of your future by expanding your ability to learn and grow personally and professionally.

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Strengths Affect Your Performance

Personalized Assessment
Through our personalized assessment we help you identify your behaviour patterns. We go beyond looking at your shortcomings and focus on developing better ways of using your strengths.

With the use of validated self and other performance measures including 360 degree feedback, we help you:

  • Identify your strengths, and where your strengths can cause challenges for you
  • Define behaviours that will make the biggest positive change in your effectiveness as a leader.

Through our coaching process you will:

  • Understand your strengths and how best to leverage them
  • Identify which skills and attitudes you may over-rely on and in which situations
  • Uncover your blind spots and biases
  • Learn specific behavioural strategies to selectively use your skills and attitudes to counter an existing strength
  • Examine development opportunities that are present in your current job
  • Define new skills required for the future
Seeing New Opportunities

Perspective Impacts Performance
Leading with a positive mindset instills resiliency in yourself and others, improving one’s capacity to solve complex problems and think creatively.

Through our coaching process you will:

  • See more opportunities, possibilities and achieve positive outcomes
  • Be empowered to make meaningful choices and to take positive action in your life as a leader
Relying on Skills Other Than Your Strengths

Through our coaching process you will:

  • Effectively cope with challenges that push you out of your comfort zone
  • Manage resistance when leading change
  • Act without having a total picture
  • Comfortably handle risk
Making Personal Changes That Are In Line With Your Stated Values

Leadership Through Personal Growth: We focus on helping you make personal changes that are in line with your stated values and will maximize your strengths. We assist you in outlining the behavioural strategies that will help you achieve those changes.

Through our coaching process you will:

  • Identify the broader areas of responsibilities outside of your area of expertise that you would like to move into, and craft a vision for your future
  • Actively invest in your work to continually improve yourself
  • Map out a career development plan