Cultural Change and Renewal

We know how difficult it is to bring about real change, in systems and procedures as well as the thoughts and actions of the people using them.

Yet cultural change and renewal is crucial for your organization to thrive, and determines how well your organization can adapt to meet the challenges of competition.

We Facilitate Culture Change & Renewal by:

Assessing the shared beliefs and values that guide the way employees in your organization interact with one another.

We Help You Achieve Your Culture Change & Renewal Strategies by Enabling You To:

  • Enhance your understanding of the dynamics of the change process
  • Learn to effectively deal with resistance to change
  • Know how to capitalize on the process of change and its ¬†powerful momentum; evaluate both the positive and the negative impact on motivation and performance.

We design, implement and facilitate organizational change efforts in the following applications:

Reorganizations/downsizing efforts: to clarify expectations, infuse feelings of security, lessen resentment

Mergers: To identify and resolve conflicts which can undermine the success of the new venture and strengthen everyone’s conscious investment in the new work environment

Acquisitions: To accelerate the development of an integrated and collaborative new team