Executive Team Development

Team Leadership is more complex today. The pressure on a single leader is greater because of the challenges of leading a variety of teams, including virtual, project, accounts, alliance teams and board level teams. Managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders implies more competing demands on time, and the need to work through systemic conflict and the invisible boundaries of cross cultural communications.

Improving Team Functioning

Good teamwork involves people relying on each other’s strengths in the best possible way. In our team assessment process, we gather information on how the team currently functions. We offer recommendations to team members for improving communication, supporting each other more effectively, collaborating with each other, and developing trusting relationships.

Through our Team Coaching, we will help you to:

  • Identify and Assess the team’s leadership talent, agility, strengths and needs
  • Align your leader ship practices with the principles of followership
  • Achieve greater interconnection – building collaboration
  • Engage commitment towards a shared vision