Talent Development

Growing Your Leadership Pipeline

The information technology revolution and globalization has brought new meaning to the human side business, making leadership a requirement at every level.  This means finding a method that ensures more managers than ever before will be prepared for and placed at the right levels.

Our talent development strategies are designed to fit your specific requirements and needs of your organization.

Finding the right type of leaders with the right type of skills is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

We provide a framework for assessing potential, performance and readiness level of candidates to help clearly distinguish and contrast candidates.

We do this by:

  • Understanding the nature of work- managerial/ leadership and the technical aspects
  • Identifying the cross roads- the major shift in job requirement that translates to new skills, time commitments, attitudes and work values
  • Conducting personalized assessment using validated tools

We define potential as the kind of work an individual has to do in the future.

It is based on accumulated experience, past achievements, ability to learn new skills and willingness to tackle more complex problems or higher quality assignments.

We help you facilitate candid peer review discussions among executives and managers in an open forum. This allows open discussion of candidates under review, validating their potential, performance, and readiness to expand responsibilities.